Vedic Astrology Consultations

Choose from a variety of consultation options

Natal Astrology Consultation

This is a deep dive into your natal birth chart, which includes identifying areas of concern, time periods, transits, and answering your questions. This reading also provides remedies according to what the chart and current circumstances are indicating.
Suggested donation range between  $150- $250.

After your donation has been made you will be contacted to schedule your appointment for your reading. In the meantime you may fill out the intake form.

Follow Up

For returning clients. Please email me up to three questions to review and indicate the amount of time you would like.

$40 for 30 minutes
$75 for 60 minutes


Muhurta is the election of of an auspicious time for the performance of a desired endeavor such as starting a new business, traveling abroad, marriage, religious rites, signing contracts, etc.

The moment the event or activity is started will determine the outcome of said event or activity; therefore choosing a good “Muhurta” is vital for success.

This is a 30 minute consultation to review the details of your request and time frame requested.  I will then determine the best time “Muhurta” based on your natal chart, transits, Pañcānga, and Vedic Calendar.